Friday, April 26, 2013

The Definition of a BOOSTER!!!!!!!!

Yesterday April 25th was take your child to work day. Being self employed its not unusual  for at lest one of my kids to be at the shop at any particular given time. In fact most of my regular customers have met at least one of my 8 children. Donnie decided to take the day off and come to the shop with me. Heck it was an excused absence and what child isn't going to take advantage if that. The day started out normal, when I got to the shop I did the normal opening chores. But today I made Donnie do them and I get a text from my buddy and fellow Latonia business owner Mic letting me know that he is ordering Guisippe's today so come to his pub for lunch. Seems normal enough right. I'm working on a regular client Swiggle's and end walks a BOOSTER.....What is a might ask? A BOOSTER is a person that acquires things and sells them. What kind of things do they sell? Well that varies, let's see I've seen expired bake goods that have been thrown out by the bakery. I've seen meat probably purchased with an EBT card and sold for 1/3 of the worth because to most BOOSTERS cash is more important than food. I've seen watches, perfume, bed sheets, underwear, jewelry, tools, clothing etc. I hope your seeing the mental picture I'm trying to paint. Well the BOOSTER walks in the shop and today's item happen to be Cascade dish washer powder and Tide soap powder. Not the cheap stuff either the 4 X concentrated pods. The newest, latest, greatest invention that have made cleaning your dishes and clothes easier. When ever approached by a BOOSTER before I start to negotiate with them. I always ask......"How did you acquire these goods" Her answer today was my brother works for such and such and his job is such and such. I need to get rid of all 10 x32 count Cascade bags and 10x 32 count Tide bags because I need to get a prescription filled......RIGHT!!!!!! LOL At this point I have a few things going on in my mind. 1st this is her lie to tell and believe, 2nd that's like a year supply of Cascade and Tide for a family of 8, 3rd someone else is going to buy this so I atleast need to make an offer. When dealing with BOOSTER you have to approach things very carefully. You first need to find out the price they need and then offer them half Which I did..... She said 40 I said 20 She said 30 I said 25 She said deal.........And just like that I had a year supply of Tide and Cascade....All this was happening while my 13 year old son Donnie was watching.... I honestly forgot that he was there because he was being so quiet..... When she walked out, Donnie looked at me and said....... "She would have taken 20" LOL

Disclaimer: This post was meant for educational and comedy purposes!!!!!!!!!

New Messenger

In my intro I wrote the truth about my life 8 children a girlfriend 2 ex wives and a baby momma. And that is my current situation. There is so much more about my past that I'm not ready to talk about now. I'm just going to talk about the present. I'm current battling an alcohol addiction that I have had for 20 years. I have relationship trust issues which keeps me from fully committing to my girlfriend and getting married for a 3rd time so I can receive Gods blessing. I don't handle situations withy baby momma correctly which affects the relationship with my 2nd to youngest son. I said all that to deliver the message that God has placed on my heart. None of my baggage issues problems short comings matter to God. His love for me is unconditionally and He is able to use me a broken imperfect human being to spread his message of LOVE. The days of having to be perfect is over. I believe God wants to deliver his message through the people who have dirt on them. When Jesus was on Earth he sat with the prostitutes drunkard and other people who where considered the sinners of that day. In this day God is going to raise up a group of people who have came from sin. Came from recovery from addiction from whoring deliver them and use them to reach his people and spread his message of LOVE. My God is love. My God is merciful. My God grants grace. And I'm happy to be one of his new messengers.

Thursday, April 25, 2013

Signs of the Judgement

Origin Annunaki nephillium six fingers
2 hands to hold band to your hands mines bigger Told my dude about monoatomic gold he said T you have an Old soul scratch my head look in the mirror give me a nod I've been there before traveling dimensions my dementia can't keep you. Chewing DMT got me talking to Jesus is it time yet for the melanin people to reach the problem land them Edomites been hard on us hanging chads Klu Klux Klan. Don't even know my tribe name just know I'm Scandinavian and hating them and blaming them don't even know who I can trust they glorify the luminated ones free mason out here running a muck I try to drop knowledge on Em but they won't wake up. Women pull you in the bait and switch and put you out I'm walking around other Israelites that can't see the light. My plight unrecognized my fight to stay alive in spite of no compromise will only lead to our demise. WAKE UP


Here Comes The King

My 1st Official Blog April 25th 2013

I refuse to let the cancers of the world eat away at my soul. I'm going to be the light in the darkness. If your in a pitch black room and someone walks in with a light. You will be able to see, unless your sleeping lol. But if your in a well lit room darkness cannot happen unless you turn your switch off. About a year ago a bible verse spoke to my spirit. Matthew 6:33 KJV " But seek ye first the kingdom of God, and his righteousness: and all these things shall be added unto you " I started to do just that. I started studying more in depth in the word and God started to lead me different internet sites and that were giving me the living water that I needed to expand my level of understanding. I began to learn about things that I never knew exsisted. Knowledge and information and I never learned in the public school system or college. In fact I recieved a better understanding that for some people college could be the beginning stages of mental slavery that captures so many people in this left brain thaught society. I started to explore my heritage trying to trace ancestory. Only to hit road block and deadends at my great- great grandparents. They didnt have a census for slaves which were considered property so the first record of my ancestory wasn't until 1920.  Throughout my life I spent a lot of time not understanding slavery, Jim Crow, civil rights movement or why God would allow anything like that to happen to people that he loves so much. Then God revealed to me the knowledge to understand through scriptures things that I was not able to understand. This being my 1st blog I'm not going to get to deep. I just want to encourage everyone who takes time to read this blog to know that GOD is LOVE and there is a spiritual war going on and with the switching of deminsions it is very imporatant that you know within your heart who's side your on. I was listening to Snoop Lion song "Here Comes the King" One King!!!! One Faith!!!!! One Religon!!!!!!!